Counter Projects was formed in Bristol UK, 2014, and has been resident in the delightful cornish town of Falmouth for the last two years. As the name suggests the company was always seen as being an umbrella for a wide variety of creative endeavours, including Interface Design, 2D Illustration, Graphics, Art, Typography, and even Sound Design, but always with the main focus being Architectural Visualisation and 3D Illustration. We work with a wide variety of clients and other creative agencies in London, Bristol, Plymouth and Cornwall to deliver imagery rich with colour, light and texture.

No matter how a project starts - from sketches, 2d elevations and plans, sketchup models, to enormously complex 3d models made with professional BIM software - we will always deliver the same high standard of immersive renders. The fee for a project is agreed beforehand - resulting from a daily rate being multiplied by the length of the project -which is based on the number of images required and the complexity and scale of the project. We understand that a project will change during the process, that numerous involved parties will need to give feedback, and that sometimes our images inspire wonderful developments to the design - so we work to a three stage process giving ample time and space between stages to allow for the incoporation of comments and feedback. This way a normal level of development is incorporated directly into our production pipeline - and is not subject to an increase in fee. Amendments required after the stage three images have been produced may be subject to an additional charge dependent upon the scale of work required.

We will always be happy to provide new and existing clients with a quote for any project, which can be looked at again and agreed upon based on the delivery of final information and materials relevant to that project.


Counter Projects - September 2017

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No. 08950757